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-About Me

Hi, Im Austin, I'm a freshmen at PAHS. I play golf and run track and field, also I ride bike and snowboard in the wintertime. My favorite subjects in school are science and math. Oh, and I wanna be something when I grow up, I have a passion for the opera.:)

-Red Maple

Name: Red Maple
Scientific Name: Acer rumbrum
Desiduous: Simple, Opposite Leaves, Pointed Loab Margin
Can grow to 90 feet in height, Live up to 150 years in age, and the trunk can grow to over 30 inch's in diameter
Can be used to make pallets, and railroad ties, also maple syrup is extracted from it



-Eastern Hemlock

Name: Eastern Hemlock
Scientific Name: Tsuga Canadensis
Related Trees: pinus stroubus, white pine, red-spruce yellow birch
Coniferous: Compound, pinate, Alternate, Slightly toothed, especially near the apex.
Hemlocks can live in deep shade supression for as long as 400 years.
Dominant hemlocks can live as long as 800 years.
Very important in the lumber industry.
Uses: Medicine, Oils, and the acid is used for tanning leather

Biomolecules Lab

Food Tested: Avocado
  • Sugars: Present
  • Starch: Present
  • Fat: Present
  • Protein:Present

1) -The protein and sugar tests were the only tests to come out positive and show that they were in the food in Nicks food, apple. In my food avocado all the tests came out as positive.

2) -In testing these foods I found from other information that most meats had fats and proteins, but did not have sugars and starch. Most of the fruits had sugars in them, but had a low protein. A lot of the fruits also had fats and starches. Next, vegetables were high in starches but usually did not have sugars, proteins, and fats.

3) -I have noticed after reviewing the results that sugars and protein is present in many of the different foods, but starch and sedan IV came out negative in a lot of food tests, which is normal for starch is usually found in foods such as corn.

4) -I found it surprising that avocado contained sugar because it does not seem like a very sweet, tasteful fruit. Also, I figured there would have been starch found in liver, because it seems to be somewhat of a type of food like corn.

5) - I researched facts on avocado and found that the avocado does not contain proteins or sugars. Its also very high in fat and very low in sodium and cholesterol.

Biomolecules Infographic

Food Infographic

Photosynthesis Vocabulary Infographic


DNA Summary

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, First the double helix structure untwines itself witch is done by the helicase which breaks the hydrogen bonds into the replication fork. After it splits the single strands of protein will attach to keep them from bonding together. The starting point is primate, which is only for the replicated side on the 3’ 1’ end. DNA polymerase adds a replicated side of DNA like the first one to make a new strand of DNA.

DNA Infographic


Disease Infographic: Gaucher Disease