| | Lab: DNA Extraction from Human Cheek Cells


Lab: DNA Extraction from Human Cheek Cells

Did everyone in your group have about the same extraction results? Why is this the case? How is the amount of DNA that you extracted affected by your day to day activities?
No, not everyone in my group had the same extraction results. This is because we each have different DNA. Also the results could be different if you added the acohol to quickly. When you pour the acohol too fast it doesn’t make two layers therefore your DNA will be very hard to see, if it even shows. Many other factors that could affect the results are what you ate for lunch, what you had to drink, if you have braces, if you chewed gum, and the amount of Gatorade you swished in your mouth. These everyday ac
tivities such as chewing gum, brushing your teeth, eating, and drinking can affect the amount of DNA extraction.