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Cheek Cell Homework

Did everyone in your group have about the same extraction results? Why is this the case? How is the amount of DNA that you extracted affected by your day to day activities?

No, not everyone is our group had the same results. Some of the people in our group were just chewing gum. This could have an affect on the amount of cheek cells. If you didn’t brush your teeth you could have different results. Eating, drinking, maybe smoking could also influence the DNA in your day to day activities.

Replication Summary

First, an enzyme called helicase breaks the hydrogen bond. Next, single stranded proteins are attached to make sure they don’t come back together. Then, once it is split, there is a lagging strand (bottom) and a leading strand (top). DNA replication begins in the leading strand. In order for replication to take place. A starting point is needed, so primase is attached. Then, another enzyme called polymerase binds and starts to replicate the DNA. Then the steps repeat with the lagging strand, but it has an extra step and there are fragments that move into place as soon as an opening occurs to start replicating! The strands from the lagging strand are called Okazaki fragments and are held by ligase.

DNA Infographic