Cheek Cell Lab Homework

No, everyone in the group had a different extraction result. The reason this is different is because we all have different traits and one person might of scraped the cheek harder than to others to get more DNA. The DNA in my body affects my day to day activities because if I eat something hard it will scrape some DNA off the inside of my mouth, the things that I drink could carry out some of my DNA, and for example when I’m brushing my teeth the DNA will get brushed off from the tooth brush.

DNA Summary

DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid, is a double-stranded. The structure is in the shape of a twisted ladder. These are the four easy steps for DNA replication. The first step is to break hydrogen bonds apart, to form the replication fork. The second step is when the single stranded binding proteins attach. This keeps the strand from coming back together, this is also a flower shaped structure. Their also is a hexagon structure that breaks DNA strands apart. The third step is to attach primase to the leading strand on the 3’ (three prime) end. What the primase is, is and enzyme that gives a starting point, for the DNA be replicated. The fourth step is to attach the polymerase. This is when the replication begins.

DNA Infographic