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Hi, my name is Amber, i am 14 years old, and i am a freshman in high school. My favorite thing to do is snowboard with my friends and family!! My favorite subjects in school are Algebra and Biology.

Bigtooth Aspen
The scientific name of this tree is Populus grnadidentata. It is related to the Largetooth Aspen and the Canadian Aspen. The Bigtooth Aspen is a deciduous tree and it has alternate leaves, which are simple and dentate. It is located in mostly in northeaster states or southeastern Canada, it is a middle sized and the bark of the tree is olive green. The Bigtooth Aspen is used to make chopsticks and hockey sticks.

The scientific name of this tree is Tilia americana. It is related to the Silver Lime and the Hubei Lime. The Basswood is a Deciduous tree and it has alternate leaves, which are simple and teethed. These trees are located in Asia, Europe, and eastern North America, you can fine them in Britain and North American.In Britain they are called lime and in North America they are called linden.These trees grow rapidly in rich soil.

Biomolecules in food Lab

  • Simple sugars: Present
  • Starches: Present
  • Proteins: Absent
  • Fats: Present
  • Discuss the two food you tested and the results from each of the 4 tests.
    • I tested avocado. The simple sugars are present in the molecules, so do the starches. The fats are also present in the molecules. The proteins are absent in the molecules. One of my lab partners tested liver and i also recorded those results. The simple sugars and starches are negative, and the proteins and fats are present. The things that surprise me are i didn't think an avocado would have fat molecules in it, but it does. Another thing that surprised me is liver has sugars in it.

Biomolecules Infographic


Food Issues Infographic


Photosynthesis Infographic


DNA Homework

No, everyone in the group had a different extraction result. The reason this is different is because we all have different traits and one person might of scraped the cheek harder than to others to get more DNA. The DNA in my body affects my day to day activities because if I eat something hard it will scrape some DNA off the inside of my mouth, the things that I drink could carry out some of my DNA, and for example when I’m brushing my teeth the DNA will get brushed off from the tooth brush.

HIV/AIDS Infographic